John the Beloved

Taking The First Steps

first stepsTaking the first steps to rebuilding our lives is about looking at the bigger picture first. What is the energy we see around us? Is this the kind of energy with which I wish to be associated? 

We decide how we feel. We decide what we believe is possible for us. And it’s how we handle that within ourselves first, that will determine how we can then build bridges going forward. 

The words we use in our self-talk determine how well or not we fulfil our purpose.

John said that if we’re standing in separation, we will always fear the future. Because when we stand in separation, we are not in control. 

That’s a powerful statement to make.  

It helps if we determine how we find the level of acceptance within us that helps to build our lives together. Then we can gather the courage to step outside and create the world we wish to live in. 


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