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Welcome to Pink Bubbles

Sharing energy to help the wider community.

This idea sprang up as a way of sharing energy to help the wider community.

The idea is that love and acceptance are always welcome especially when we are feeling challenged or alone.

We offer the opportunity to give pink bubbles to others or to ask for pink bubbles from the community.

Why Pink Bubbles? Because when you receive them you feel wrapped in a warm blanket and any sense of being alone disappears. Equally when you send them you feel the connection to others through your giving. All it costs you is a little time and thought.

The idea is that if you wish others to share pink bubbles with you to help you then you add your request to the column on the left. 

However, if you wish to share them with others you add your sharing to the right hand column.

Receiving Pink Bubbles

Sending Pink bubbles

For those who who want to receive for themselves and their loved ones.

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For those who wish to send to any individual, event or situation.

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