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Here is where we will be posting all our videos and promotional materials week by week.

We hope you enjoy using this space!

Heart Light Meditation

Our Audio Exercise this month is a Heart Light meditation. You’ll find it here on our website and are welcome to use it as often as you wish.

Our Heart Light Carousel

This month’s Carousel is sharing some inspirational quotes on our theme of Heart Light and using it in our world. Enjoy!

What If We Don’t Feel Joyful?

What if we’re in a place in our lives where we don’t feel joyful? Does that mean our Heart Light can’t shine?

Heart-Centred Conversation

This month, our Audio Teaching is around a practical and powerful example of heart-centred conversation. Listen for more!

Spontaneous Sharing

Are you ready for November’s Challenge? This is one is all about spontaneous sharing. What has helped you on your spiritual journey?

The Wisdom of John’s Monthly Talks

Each month, Ascended Master John the Beloved offers a Talk filled with insight, wisdom, compassion and humour. For more, visit our website.

Flourishing Opportunities

When we flourish, it’s about the possibilities and opportunities even when we’re challenged … and that enhances our emotional wellbeing