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Dealing with Life’s Curveballs

How can we stay focused on our Purpose in spite of life’s curveballs? With some difficulty and yet there’s always an opportunity within them

Practical Level or Goal-Setting?

This month’s challenge is about the difference between energising our purpose at a practical level and a goal-setting one

Purpose and Results

Our Purpose isn’t about results at all. Today’s Reel talks more on this topic.

The Tapestry Room

What is the Tapestry Room and how can we access it? In this month’s Audio Teaching, John talks about the role of this non-physical space

Cogs in the Wheel of Life

We are all cogs in the wheel of the Bigger Picture and humility says I Am that I Am as part of All That Is …

Purpose and Intuition

How do we energise our Purpose by using our Intuition? This month’s Vlog is taking a look at this as part of May’s theme.

The Importance of Others

Do you see the relevance, significance and importance of others as part of your Purpose in this life?

Service and Sharing

Our Service is about sharing who we are at the heart of who we are, not who we think we are or should be that sounds great.