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Who Is John The Beloved?

John is a wise and loving Being whose sessions with others provide insights and understanding in a non-judgmental manner given with love, compassion and an often delightful sense of humour.

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A Changing World

We are still struggling with Covid – 19, which appears to be on the increase. We have the BLM movement and the issue of gender, China, and world domination –  so we could be forgiven for thinking we’re part of a movie.

In fact, we are on the threshold of major change if we take the potential rather than falling into conflict. John has been speaking of the need for mankind to wake up and take a good look at the world we are creating.

Are you happy with all that is happening for you? If you want to talk about this we will be opening up our FB Lives again, from July 13th, 7.30 pm, NZ time, 5.30 pm Sydney time, 3.30 pm Hong Kong time and 8.30 am London time every fortnight. Come along and share your journey and experience and let’s find peace and acceptance through connection.