Do you want to hear your Soul sing?

Who Is John The Beloved?

John is a wise and loving Being whose sessions with others provide insights and understanding in a non-judgmental manner given with love, compassion and an often delightful sense of humour.

Access his wisdom through personal talks, group sessions, his monthly subscription or the Evening with John events.

Back to the Future

As a result of emails and comments we have decided to reinstate John’s site – with his permission – as it has made it challenging for some people to find him. In addition from January 2022 we have moved things around a little. See below for more details

2021 has been about choice. It has seemed worse in so many ways since we began with the hope that the pandemic was either over or under control to quickly realising that we are not the ones with the power here!

Despite the challenges we are still facing we do have 2 tools to help us. 2020 was about building our spiritual link and anchoring what we came to be. And what a way to do so with a pandemic throwing everything up in the air!

We have our spiritual connection to guide us and we also have each other. In joining together in community, no matter your beliefs, we can rebuild our world on a stronger – and kinder – foundation.

We are now hosting our social media on this site for those who don’t have or wish to engage with Facebook. We’ll be stepping back ourselves once we have this area nailed. 

Therefore we now have 3 sections added.

We hope you enjoy. Any constructive feedback welcome

News shows our current blogs and texts.
Media  is where our videos and one minute wisdom can be found.

John Harmony 21st will be here under media and not Youtube. Youtube now asks us to have  1000 members before we can upload a video.

Archive contains all the previous posts.