John the Beloved

Who Is John The Beloved?

John is a wise and loving Being whose sessions with others provide insights and understanding in a non-judgmental manner given with love, compassion and an often delightful sense of humour.

Access his wisdom through personal talks, group sessions, or his monthly subscription.

Personality or Purpose?

What’s the difference between energising our Purpose and energising  our personality? It’s a vast difference because the personality is the mental and the emotional bodies connected. Our Purpose comes from the heart. So when we energise from a heart level, what we’re doing is we are aspiring and inspiring. We aspire to be the best we can be but we focus on  the inspiration that Spirit gives us to guide us to be more. So that’s why judging ourselves is pointless and detrimental, because when you judge  yourself you don’t

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John’s Monthly Guidance

Welcome to John Monthly Talks. This  has never been more significant than now. Here is a treasure trove in spiritual guidance.

Through John’s teaching each month we have step by step guidance to be all we can be?. Each monthly talk is rich with information, understanding, tools and techniques to assist our journey.

In addition, for those interested we meet monthly to discuss the talks and share our understanding with each other.