John the Beloved


  • Sessions are usually booked one year ahead. If you are interested then use the Contact us form and we will respond with the waiting time etc.
  • Once your session has been set up then you will receive an email with the details of the session.
  • 7 days prior to your session we will send you an email with payment details and a reminder of the time and date in your local time.
  • There will be another reminder the day before. 
  • Since we have a waiting list, please let us know if you cannot make your appointment as we can then offer to it someone on the list.

We no longer accept payments in this way. since John is cutting down his time working with us all we only accept payments using the system listed above. in question 1.

What to do if you can’t get into the site

1. Ensure you are using the right email address (some clients use two email addresses which confuses the system).

2. Ensure you are using your existing (current) password.

3. Make sure that when you copy and paste the password, that you copy from the first letter to the last letter ONLY; i.e. do not take the cursor one space after the password or the system will not recognise the password.

4. If all else fails then contact and we will assist you.

Each month we met to discuss John’s Talks and take our understanding deeper. Every quarter, (March, June, September and December) John joins us to share more insights.

This is a course in spirituality that offers us a code by which to live our lives. In our modern world we often get lost in all the chaos and drama. John’s Teaching gives us a grounding and acceptance that is a safety net.