John the Beloved

Personality or Purpose?

What’s the difference between energising our Purpose and energising  our personality? It’s a vast difference because the personality is the mental and the emotional bodies connected. Our Purpose comes from the heart. 

So when we energise from a heart level, what we’re doing is we are aspiring and inspiring. We aspire to be the best we can be but we focus on  the inspiration that Spirit gives us to guide us to be more. So that’s why judging ourselves is pointless and detrimental, because when you judge  yourself you don’t stand in Purpose, you stand in judgment, you stand in criticism. And that doesn’t help anybody. 

There’s all this hype around Purpose and it’s in capitals and it’s big and we have to work on a world stage and it’s dramatic. All of that is personality.  John has said countless times that the road sweeper does a fantastic Purpose. The person that sweeps the streets clears the negative energy for all of us. That’s a Purpose. But you wouldn’t call it a glamorous job, you wouldn’t call it an exciting job. However, it’s an absolutely essential piece of work that benefits us all and helps us to avoid disease.

So no it’s not about energising our personality because it’s not our personality that’s here to fulfil our Purpose. Our Soul is here to fulfil the Purpose using our personality and its gifts and abilities to do so.

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