John the Beloved

Here we share our thoughts for 2023. We are moving away from Facebook and so we’ll post here too until we finally step down from Facebook.

Using our Heart Light

In June 2021 we did a Facebook live about Heart Light. At that time we had the experience of the pandemic and other issues. However,

madam butterfly at the Nambour garden day

Flourishing for well being

This month, I want to talk about flourishing, which is an old fashioned word that you don’t hear very often. And yet, it’s very important,

view from above

Evaluating progress

This month, we’re talking about evaluating progress. And it’s really important that we do. It’s very easy to keep moving along, doing what we’ve always

Mountains of Andorra

The view from the top

Last month we spoke about ascending the mountain. This month I want to continue by talking about the view from the top and being able

Ascending the Mountain

This month we’re talking about ascending the mountain, which is basically the Capricorn goat in esoteric astrology. Climbing a mountain may seem daunting, it may

Supporting Change

We live in a world where everything seems to be changing whether we like it or not and change in and of itself is not