John the Beloved

Standing at the Heart

What does it mean when we talk about standing at the Heart of the Universe and being At One? It means that we see ourselves as a part of a greater whole. We’re not the most important thing. We may be the most important thing in our own lives, however, we’re not the most important in the world. We are one of millions of people equally important. Equally entitled to be happy, to have a roof over our heads, to enjoy life.

When we stand at the Heart of the Universe, we stand in an energy of acceptance and of tolerance. We stand at a place where we accept that who we are is not God. Who we are is one of many. And who we are is capable of creating community or creating separation. 

When we sacrifice ourselves for others, we isolate because we isolate our needs. That’s not community. When we’re selfless, we’re part of a community. We are recognising that not all of our wants and needs are the most important. And that often in being part of someone else’s achievement of a want or a need, we feel as though our own needs have been met.

Community is about coming together. Standing at the Heart of the Universe is standing at the heart of the biggest community there is and a community that’s ever growing and ever expanding. And there is no intolerance and there is no isolation and separation in that energy because it comes from the heart.

When we have strong feelings against something or someone, it’s not about that something or that someone, it’s about us.  When we have really strong feelings, then we’re not standing at the heart of anything.  We’re standing in our emotional body, in our personality.

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