John the Beloved

Using our Heart Light

In June 2021 we did a Facebook live about Heart Light. At that time we had the experience of the pandemic and other issues. However, it’s appropriate for today.

John talks about shining our heart light. Do we actually have one? What purpose does it serve? How does it work? What is your understanding of it and was it good for you? What is our heart light? It’s the divine spark within us. gives us life. It’s what connects us to the divine to the universe, whatever you want to call it and it’s eternal as a consequence.

If we didn’t know anything about who we were as a spiritual energetic level, we simply allowed ourselves to be who we came to be, our heart light would shine unimpeded all the time. It gives us the opportunity to connect to others. I suppose you could say it’s our generosity of spirit. There’ are so many things that are happening at the moment and they’re causing confusion and doubt, uncertainty, anger. I’m not going to add anymore because it could get too depressing. What stops us from falling into it is our heart Light.

When we stand in our light, our heart light shines but what if we’re in this place where we don’t feel joyful? What if we’re in a space where we can’t see light? Does that mean our light can’t shine? No, it means that we can’t see it and that’s a big difference.

Others can because our heart light is what makes us genuine. You know, we all talk about being in service and what wonderful things we would like to achieve. And many of us do. We don’t talk about our heart light and the fact that just by being ourselves, connecting to it, we’re probably achieving the pinnacle of what we can achieve in any lifetime.



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