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Standing at the Heart of the Universe

Over the next couple of months, we’re going to be talking about being at the Heart of the Universe, standing at the Heart of the Universe. And we’re going to talk about it because in these troubled times, that’s what’s needed. That is what we all could do for five minutes each day that would make a tremendous difference to the energies operating in our world.

People volunteer to fight, people volunteer to serve, people volunteer to protest. All of that is at a physical world level. What about energetically? And what about if you can’t fight or serve or march? Because your circumstances don’t allow. Does that mean that you can’t participate in what’s happening on our planet? No, it doesn’t.

There’s a lot of shifting and changing occurring, a lot of old systems falling away and new systems yet to be anchored and so at this point in time it’s never been more important to stand at the Heart of the Universe for as many people as possible because that’s not about going space traveling or astral traveling. It’s about standing in your own sense of connection to All That Is. It’s about standing in Light and standing in Love. And to do that it’s about letting go of judgement.

It’s about being willing to see that we’re all learning and growing and some of us choose to learn through darkness and some of us choose to learn through Light.

That doesn’t mean that we have to accept how things are happening. It’s about accepting that what is happening is offering opportunities no matter where we stand, to be clear about what is important to us.

When we stand in the Heart of the Universe, we stand in unconditional love. We might love someone in spite of what they do and in spite of who they are and yet still not agree with what they do or who they are. And you can see that often with a parent and a child. The parent doesn’t always like how the child is behaving or who the child is being but the love will always be there.

So, for us, if we want to stand at the Heart of the Universe, it’s about asking ourselves what does standing in Love and standing in Light mean for us? There is no one definition, there is no one answer. It’s how we see Love; it’s how we see Light and what within either of those we choose to align to.

So, as you begin a New Year, I’m suggesting that we all perhaps take a few moments this month to consider what standing in Light and standing in the Heart of the Universe – Love – actually means, not just at a spiritual, energetic level. but at a practical level. How does it influence how we behave and who we choose to be in our interactions with others?

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