John the Beloved

The Power of Love

This month I want to talk about the power of love, not the love of power.  And that’s because when we look at what’s happening in the world, it seems to be more and more that the news is about the love of power – who’s the most powerful, who wants to achieve this, that or the other for themselves. And that isn’t standing in the heart of the universe.

When we stand in the heart of the universe, we stand in Love. The power of Love is an amazing thing. There’s even a song written about it, which is very powerful. 

When we love unconditionally, then we have time for each other. We have patience with each other. We might get cranky, we might become irritable, underneath it there’s an acceptance of who we are in the relationship we have with that person or that group of people. And the impact that we have on them and they have on us determines the quality and the calibre of the love that we share.

A lot of people share conditional love. I love you but you’ve got to love me. However if we’re going to move through one of the most turbulent periods in history, and the darkness that John has already foreshadowed for this year, it’s about asking ourselves what does love mean for us. And what do we believe we can achieve by choosing to love not fight, by choosing to accept not judge, and to be patient with all those we encounter along the journey.

I hope that this month for you is a powerfully loving month and that you discover how much within you lies that you can offer to those around you and build a community that we can all enjoy and love being part o

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