John the Beloved

Heart Light Review

In John’s December talk, he speaks of the dramas playing out on the world stage both natural and manmade and asks us about our foundation, which is interesting because it’s an extension of last month’s Talk. In all the drama, we often forget our Heart Light. And it’s interesting because it’s not just a concept, it’s a living breathing part of our Being centred within our Heart Chakra.

As a teacher and mentor, my foundation, which is what John talks about in his Talk in December, is knowing our Heart Light stands as our innermost connection to the Universe. It’s where and how we connect to our guidance to being all of who we came to Be. It’s very significant since it’s our spiritual true selves.

It’s the unquenchable flame that burns within offering warmth and light to our life’s path. And reminds us that we’re not only physical beings, but we’re part of a grand universal family in which we all have a role to play.


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