John the Beloved

Purpose and Intuition

How do we energise our Purpose using our Intuition? I think I’ve covered that. By listening to what your Guides say, not just your Intuition. Your Guides will talk to you through your Intuition, but they’ll also talk to you directly through meditation.

And how do we move beyond what holds us back without it becoming our focus and distraction from our actual Purpose? There are a few people voiced this question in a variety of ways but it’s the same thing. If we focus on what’s wrong with us, so we come back to judgment and criticism, then we’re not energising our Purpose, we’re energising what’s wrong with us.

If we focus on what we want to share, then we’re energising what we want to share. It’s positive and it’s constructive and one of the best ways to do that is to be a role model. And we’ve talked about that before, is to actually be what you want to be in Service and encourage others to do their Service in their way by being the fullness of themselves as well.

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