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The view from the top

Mountains of AndorraLast month we spoke about ascending the mountain. This month I want to continue by talking about the view from the top and being able to see 360 degrees. In 2018, we moved to Andorra, for a group retreat. We were there for a very short period of time, really. And yet, the opportunity we were given to see ourselves and our journey was totally life altering. One of the exercises that we did was a trip up the mountain. Everybody thought it was just a piece of fun to break up the energy of the retreat. There was a purpose to it. There were about 30 of us who took the trip on the ski lift up into the ski field. Of course, it was summer, so there was snow. And the ski lift itself was interesting for me, because suddenly, when I was 50, I developed a fear of heights. Never had it before. And on it came. 

So I’m sitting on this ski lift, being absolutely certain that we’re safe, but not feeling at all comfortable. And we start coming up to the top of the mountain, I begin to count the seconds left before I can get off, put my feet on the ground, only to discover that as we got closer, it was a mini plateau. And we continued going further. And that happened a couple of times. So here was I thinking the journey was over. And it was only part one or part two. 

When we reached the ski field, we were almost at the top, and we were very close to the border between Spain and France. Not everyone found it easy on that terrain. There were a couple of people who struggled to find their footing. However, sheer determination kept them going because they wanted to be able to say that they had had a foot in two countries at the same time. When we stood at the top and we looked out all of our problems seemed quite small in comparison. 

How often have you stood at the top of the mountain, looked at the view and forgotten your troubles?


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  1. Yes there is something special about being on top of a Mountain. I think the sheer elevation, 360degree views, the connection to the power and refinement of the Mountain Elemental energy offers one an opportunity to be present. Troubles no longer dominate as we bask in the energy of something much larger than our own individual circumstance.

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