John the Beloved

Evaluating progress

view from aboveThis month, we’re talking about evaluating progress. And it’s really important that we do. It’s very easy to keep moving along, doing what we’ve always done, assuming that everything’s right in our world. And then we get quite a shock when we discover what we’ve taken for granted, as being positive, may not always have been as positive as we would have wished.

We may have a particular way of working with people or a particular way of talking to people. And in the past, nobody’s objected. So we’ve assumed that everybody understands what our motivation is, and where we’re coming from. And it’s one of the reasons why on the Facebook page, I’ve posted the question, are we doing enough? Too much? Is it boring? What do you think? It’s an evaluation.

Spiritually, we don’t evaluate as much as we do physically, and we don’t do a lot physically.


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