John the Beloved

Choosing Direction

Choosing direction and destination is this month’s theme. And it’s particularly appropriate in light of the natural disasters that have been occurring globally. Climate change is here, whether we believe in it or not, whether we like to acknowledge it or not, our climate is changing. And it’s not just where we are in New Zealand and Australia, or Vanuatu which has just been absolutely devastated by two cyclones and one earthquake within a matter of days. Things are happening in the United States, tornadoes are not restricting themselves to Tornado Alley. The elementals are on a rampage to get our attention.

And so when we decide what direction we’re choosing, perhaps we need to ask ourself if our destination is to be in alignment with the elemental beings or to be at war, as we have been for so long with them. Are we willing to choose a direction in which we live in collaboration and harmony with the natural world? Where we become the custodians of the planet that we like to think we are?

It’s important at this point in time that we all take stock because things are collapsing around us. And even if you haven’t been hit by a natural disaster, you will find your supermarket shelves empty because places that have can’t provide the food that you purchase. Or the crops can’t be grown. Or the supply chain can’t be sustained because there are no people in those areas with the skills to continue. You only have to look at the airline business and how that is since COVID. Planes are flying. Are there systems in place? Are they good? Or are they not?

Time to think about what our direction is and what we as an individual or small groups can do to begin to select a direction and a destination that is in harmony with all that is and that follows a divine plan, not a human plan.


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