John the Beloved

Working with Aether

What is Aether? What’s its purpose? And why is it spelled this way?

To answer the last question first, this is the way the alchemists spelled it and it actually defines and distinguishes it from ether the sedative.

Aether is another word for Spirit and it pervades everything. It is the most powerful of all the elements. Aether is the gift of creation and alchemists tried to force this by turning base metal into gold. However, if we are to find the gold within then we need to look at ourselves with acceptance, not criticism. When we dig for the golden nuggets inside ourselves in our Essential Archetypes program, we are looking for what makes us real, strong, and true. Aether is the ability to connect to All That Is and feel at one with life, not just those close to us. It contains all the wisdom of the ages and our guides and teachers in Spirit exist in this state or element.

When we want to know something then call on Aether for assistance. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is. I once knew a lady who wanted to crochet some bootees for a baby. She had no idea how to crochet so she connected to Aether and asked for someone really good in Spirit to help her. She felt as if her fingers flew!

I often hear about co-creating with Spirit. We incarnated able to do this and we forgot how as we became involved in physical life.

When we connect through Aether to the Universe and all within it we connect to something far more powerful than our minds or hearts can imagine. In that connection we have the ability to create all we seek. There is only one caution. Make sure we don’t create at the expense of another. That way lies karma.

If we practise harmlessness in thought, word and deed, then we are in alignment with Aether and we are operating from our Higher Self, not our personality. When we connect to our heart, not our emotions, we are at one with Aether. Then watch the magic unfold!

What is your Aether experience like?


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