John the Beloved

Why is community important?

When Covid – 19 hit we heard many people were struggling with the challenge of being in lockdown or feeling exposed; losing loved ones and not feeling safe, and so we offered the Getting Together Facebook lives for people to be able to reach out to each other.   

We had already set up a FB page and a YouTube channel where we share FB lives, blogs, and posts. Within those we also have a couple of groups. The John Harmony 21 is a place to share healing to our world and Phoenix Rising was intended to be a place for people to share their thoughts on John’s teachings or any spiritual questions they might have. The idea being to encourage sharing, not teaching, learning together through collaboration.  

To build and develop a community of like-minded people who could support and assist each other. Out of that came Creating New Together, where 3 members of the community stepped up to talk about and share ideas, inviting others to contribute too. 

If you’ve seen it, why not share your thoughts? 


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  1. The John Harmony 21 has been such an important part of my life. Every month I look forward to joining everyone around the world to share healing. Absolutely agree Phoenix Rising is a great place to share and collaborate. Sometimes when I read the sharing, it opens up an other area that I have not previously noticed.

  2. Thank you Orla, Anita and Sonia for stepping up with this ! I would encourage anyone who hasn’t watched this yet to do so…. its light hearted, heart centred and meaningful if you are looking for a discussion around creating harmony in our world, creating a new way of being that will assist you and those around you. Simple solutions , ideas, inspiration and a giggle !

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