John the Beloved

Where are you embracing change?

Over the past few months, Tony and I felt the rhythm of our lives subtly shift and change. 

We were no longer able to travel for retreats or workshops and it was lovely not spending hours in airports waiting to board flights. I’ve always enjoyed travel and didn’t realise that somewhere along the way, it stopped being a joy and became a job.   

Interesting how the substitution of a ‘b’ for a ‘y’ totally shifted the energy.  

As our world narrowed, we began exploring what was now possible that might not have been seen previously. Had we become so focused on the journey, (literally), that we were not seeing new opportunities? Had we stopped exploring what might be possible in this new reality?  

To be honest, we enjoyed being in one place. We had time to sit and appreciate our world and our lives together. We took time to revisit decisions made and plans and ideas for the future. To our surprise, we found new plans beginning to take shape, ideas that had been sitting at the back of our minds became more real.  

Have you found yourself seeing your life differently? 


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