John the Beloved

When our experience and expectations aren’t aligned

Sometimes we wish for something, try manifesting it,  reaching as high as we can and yet our expectations don’t become our reality. We believe all the positive affirmations that we make and perform the rituals for success and yet we fall short.

When that occurs it’s because our expectations aren’t aligned to who we are being or our idea of ourselves is off centre.

Here is a check list of where those expectations might not be aligned.

  1. We’re overoptimistic or overconfident of the goal
  2. We set out expecting to fail whilst at the same time we expect to achieve the goal
  3. We cling to the goal even when things begin to fall over and refuse to change or adapt our thinking.
  4. We hold a judgment of ourselves and the goal is more to prove ourselves to others, than because we truly wish it for ourselves.
  5. Don’t attach a life or death mentality to it

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