John the Beloved

What matters most is often a moving goalpost.

Tony and I have just completed an interesting exercise. Over the past year so much has changed in our lives that we stopped to look at what mattered then and where it fits now.

We had just moved to New Zealand and were getting settled so lots of things mattered then. Finding our way around a different economy, setting up bank accounts, adjusting to a different time zone etc. At the same time, a friend of many years standing stepped away without explanation and that mattered too.

One year later, we are happily settled in, feeling part of the community and with new friends in our lives.

What did we learn? What matters is based on where we are at any given time and is not fixed. As we shift and change, what matters to us shifts too. We may well miss people for a period whether that be through loss or choice.

However, life moves on and if we are moving too then we adjust and our focus shifts. All of that is personality based and is important.

However when we looked at what matters spiritually things were not the same because nothing is fixed. All is always well.

What matters to you at a personality and spiritual level? Are they the same?


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