John the Beloved

What is community?

One meaning is the sharing or having certain attitudes or interests in common. In other words, it’s about acceptance based on how we think or feel.

There are many types of community. My favourite is in how the word is created. Comm and unity. For those to occur we need integrity of being and a willingness to be humble and we also need the ability to see ourselves as a small cog in the wheel of that community. It’s when people put their own self-importance ahead of the community that it breaks down.

Insight Teachings and John the Beloved are both based on community. It doesn’t have a religious basis. It’s founded on John’s teachings of the Seven spiritual Truths, which are a simple code to live by. At the heart of that is harmlessness. The desire to avoid harming another without sacrifice of self.

It’s about kindness and cooperation. When a community shares and learns together, when it lets go of who is more or who is less and simply opens its arms to each member then we have a thriving and heart centred community. A community that laughs together grows together

Is this the community you wish to live in?


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