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Ways to Rejuvenate

Ways to rejuvenateWith so much going on in the world and so many things to keep track of, we can often find ourselves feeling tired, or unenthusiastic and assume it’s because of the pandemic, or hard, working conditions or challenging supply routes. When in actual fact, what it is, is that our life has suddenly lost its sparkle.    We’ve spent so long being cautious or worrying about things that we go stale almost without realising it. 

So how do you rejuvenate your life when it’s kind of lost its magic, almost quietly behind the scenes?  

Have you taken to time to think about how much you are enjoying your life? Are you simply moving through each day like a sleepwalker? Does it matter? 

There are three ways that Tony and I use at the beginning of each year and which can be used at any point. And what those three ways are? We re-evaluate where we are and what we’re doing. Is it  important to my life now? Is it important to my future? And most of all, do I enjoy it? Does it bring me joy? If it does, great. If not then think about how you might want to make changes. 

Second thing is in light of that, where do I want my life to flow? What’s the direction I want to go in? And how can I do so in as light-hearted a fashion as possible? You might be surprised at the answers you receive when you take time to consider these questions. 

Which then leads to the third, which is to ask what new habits might I need to develop that would support me to complete steps one and two? So that my life suddenly takes on a new energy, a new joy or magic of its own, all over again? 


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