John the Beloved

Wars Pestilence and Plague

Every few hundred years we go through some sort of pandemic that decimates the population and creates fear in the population. There is only 100 years however between the last one and this one. In addition, last century there were so many wars, so many millions who died and still our world is overpopulated, and our resources seem stretched to the limit. 

Despite all this trouble and loss of life, our planet is overburdened with our demands to satisfy our emotional body. An attitude of entitlement seems to prevail. I want it and I want it now. 

Whilst we are all affected, some more badly than others, this is about mass consciousness and how it has become so self-absorbed and entitled that we are losing contact with why we are here. 

It has given us almost a wartime mentality where we support and help each other again in place of competing with each other. We haven’t suddenly become perfect. However, we have remembered to be more considerate and thoughtful. Overall, kindness has reappeared, and people are finding each other.


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  1. I love this post. I agree that people are being more considerate and thoughtful towards each other. Kindness has reappeared and people are supporting each other in beautiful ways. The best gifts from life is about connection and loving moments with each other.

  2. I absolutely agree “I want and I want it now” is emotional reaction. Sometimes when I don’t have it now, I actually notice I don’t really need it. I can feel the wartime mentality where we focus on help each other not only self.

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