John the Beloved

Setting Boundaries

One of the biggest issues I am seeing in my interactions with others is that people who are working spiritually often have difficulty setting boundaries. It’s almost as if there is a belief that to be spiritual means you have to be available 24/7. That isn’t service.  That is servitude.  

Our energy drops very quickly if we are always on deck for others without taking time to have fun, play, go to a show or movie and enjoy family and friends. John is always commenting about being here to be the best of who we are. We can’t do that if we are in servitude – and the energy we then share is not one of joy.  

If you aren’t sure what you are offering, service or servitude, ask yourself if you tend to drop anything you are doing when someone calls, no matter how important your current task is to you. I once had a call from someone who needed to speak to me urgently about “a matter of life and death”. Those words are a big clue!  

I shifted things around to make the call possible only to discover that the urgent matter was about which outfit she was best to wear for an upcoming presentation. The presentation was in two week’s time!  

Set your boundaries, be clear and then don’t step over themselves yourself. 

How clear are you about your boundaries? Do you have time for you that is just for fun? 


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