John the Beloved

Self knowledge is the key to wisdom

Do you like being someone different?
Is playing a role more exciting than being you?
Are you happy as you are or do you need the approval of others?

When we step forward spiritually one of the most challenging aspects of the journey is looking at ourselves. When we are honest about who we are, our motivations, desires and limitations, we give ourselves a priceless gift. Whilst it is important not to judge ourselves too harshly, pretending only keeps us small and afraid. The idea of being positive does not mean that we pretend we have no faults or areas of improvement. If we are not willing to see who we truly are, we live with the fear that somehow we don’t measure up. Trouble is who and what we are measuring ourselves against?

Being honest with self is the first key to wisdom. It allows us to see ourselves clearly and choose how we live our life.
Other people will see us the first time they meet us and form their own impression. After that, they do not look at us again or consider who we are so first impressions still count for much. Is your first impression of someone unique, different, rich poor, likable, kind, angry, depressing – the list goes on. When we see ourselves we decide what within us we wish to share with others and that smooths our path.

What first impression of you would you like people to have?

Finally, what brings you joy? If your joy depends on others, then it is not centred within you but within someone else and at some point will lead to misery. Being joyful comes from our ability to accept who we are and live the truth of that. We are then happy to see the joy in our relationships, service, those around us and the world in which we live. In living our truth, we offer a space for others to do the same.

Of course we are always evolving and changing and our self knowledge will shift and change as we do. Wisdom comes from knowing and accepting who we are and being happy that we are a beautiful work in progress.


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