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being in self acceptance strengthens the heart

This month let’s talk about our emotional well-being, in light of events around the world.

If we have a vision for our future, if we’ve anchored and grounded our sense of self, then the earth element within us has an outlet. It keeps us grounded and helps us to build. Anything that we wish to create requires emotional energy, requires fuel which comes from the alignment of our emotional wellbeing to our sense of self, our groundedness, and to our ability to imagine what we can create and where we might go.  So emotional wellbeing is absolutely essential for us in stepping forward and being all that we can be.

This is not about our potential. Emotional wellbeing requires us to be at ease within. If we like ourselves it’s much easier to have a sense of wellbeing, a sense of confidence and belief in a trust that all is always well.  John talks about that. He says often ‘all is always well.’ The difficulty is that we look at what’s occurring externally, and that determines our belief in what is well, whereas he’s saying that all is well within us.

In other words, we have the spiritual connection if we choose to use it, to guide, direct us and keep us safe. If we don’t use our spiritual connection, if our emotions are so powerful that we are at the mercy of however we feel in any given moment, then all is not always well.  For us to have a passion for life, we first need to have a spiritual connection that sustains and supports us.

Where’s your emotional wellbeing at the moment? If you were to take your emotional pulse now, in spite of everything that’s occurring in the world, would you feel at ease and at peace that all is well within you? Is your spiritual connection supporting you?

If not, what would you need at this moment, to be able to feel at ease, and at peace?


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