John the Beloved

Our Inner Sun And Motivation

It seems that it’s only when we are challenged that we truly allow ourselves to open to our guidance and the Light within each of us. Perhaps our daily lives are so busy that we have little time to listen – or if we do listen we don’t have time to enact what is being offered. We always seem to find more logical or practical steps to take. That’s called the fire of the mind. 

The fire of the Soul is the alchemical process that enables us to come closer to the Mind and Heart of the Divine. It is this process that enables us to move from thinking with our head to knowing with our heart.  

We’re all undergoing an alchemical process at the moment. There is not one area in the world unaffected by the energy. Each of us within that are also discovering personal challenges that if addressed will support that process.  

What are you being challenged to transform? Where is the effect being seen or felt most strongly in your life? Can you see the fire of your Soul highlighting your purpose? 


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  1. This post is a relief to hear the time as an alchemical process since it feels more how I am experiencing life, time and self. Im transforming my perception of joy, since it really is very simple however my previous life would segment things. The soul is calling in a new song thats really simple and it strips away many things that are dead wood or lifeless.

  2. The challenge for me is trusting/letting go of control/my will. I feel it in every area of my life, particularly in relationships – with Spirit and people who matter to me. I see the fire of my soul calling me to be open my heart and live in right relationship – see everyone as equal, see the divine in you and me, brothers and sisters.

  3. For me, the challenge is from head to the heart. The effect felt most strongly is do I really wholeheartedly want to do it or its my mind think it is good idea.
    thank you for this blog

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