What is community?

In the Seven Spiritual Truths, John speaks about living in community. In fact, he often mentions community in his monthly talks on the membership site.  It

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taking the plunge

Learning To Bounce

At these times of turmoil, the ability to bounce back is one of the most important abilities we can develop. Not so long ago, I

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building our strength

Building The Energy

If your sense of well-being is securely anchored, if you feel that no matter what is occurring in the world, all is well then all

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being in self acceptance strengthens the heart

Passion for Life

This month let’s talk about our emotional well-being, in light of events around the world. If we have a vision for our future, if we’ve

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Setting A foundation

Last week, we spoke about being grounded.  This week, I want to talk about setting your foundation. Are they the same? Some people think so. Some people think

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Being Grounded

This week, we’re talking about being grounded. Last month we spoke about healing, which is really about the water element. This month, it’s about the

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Healing Our Minds

The Eclipse asks us to step back from overthinking and to be cautious in the decisions we make. If we are still running on old patterns, then

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