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What does it mean to be an angel?

What does it mean to be an angel?

Being an angelWe often hear people talk about having an angel look after them or meeting an angel on a journey. And people have asked me what is an angel? 

An angel is someone who goes above and beyond in a need or desire to help other people.  An angel is someone who has a wider awareness of what is occurring around them or in their environment. An angel you could say has an extra chromosome, an inbuilt homing beacon that helps them to see when someone needs more than just a smile. And in that situation, because of that awareness, they step forward. And offer to assist. 

They don’t do it from the need to prove how good they are. They don’t even stop to think about how good it makes them look. 

An angel is someone who simply cares and takes action when he or she sees opportunity to help a fellow human being, a pet or a challenge with the environment. 

Angels come in all shapes and sizes. They are not one colour or another. They are not one belief system or another. There’s a variety of them hiding in plain sight and stepping forward as and when they see a need that they can fulfil. Not just to be a busy body but in the moment to be a support or a strength for someone else. 

We need angels if we’re to move forward as a community. If we are to move forward as a community we need perhaps to search for that chromosome within ourselves. 

Something to ponder as we approach the Christmas season. Some people call it the holiday season. Some people don’t call it anything. It’s just another week that they have to navigate the best that they can. 

This is the time when angels are most needed. asked me


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