John the Beloved

Supporting Change

We live in a world where everything seems to be changing whether we like it or not and change in and of itself is not a negative. How we allow it to affect us, however, is. If you’re someone who embraces change, it means that you’re always open to seeing what more is available. What else might be possible. It doesn’t mean you change for the sake of change. It means you explore it. If you deny change, you won’t even consider that there might be something beneficial in it, that could be of help in the future. You want everything to stay the way that it’s always been. Because it’s always been that way. And it’s kept you safe. Although it may not necessarily have kept you happy. When we embrace change, we learn to be flexible. We learn to accept that nothing is forever. There’s always something other, something more. When we deny change -and we’re not talking here about making changes, but the idea of change -when we deny change, we close down. We bring our world into a cocoon of everything that we hold in place, because that keeps us safe. 

It doesn’t necessarily allow us to grow.


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