John the Beloved

Ascending the Mountain

This month we’re talking about ascending the mountain, which is basically the Capricorn goat in esoteric astrology. Climbing a mountain may seem daunting, it may seem that we’re never going to get there. However climbing your mountain is a metaphor for stepping out of where we are, and aspiring to where we want to be. And in doing that, it’s about understanding our own energy and how we can enhance and develop that energy to be more than we perhaps think we can be. Often we’re challenged and we focus on the challenges, instead of focusing on the outcomes. We never think that we’re going to get what we want all of the time. And often, we feel that we don’t get what we want some of the time. And yet, if we were to stop and take stock at different stages, on our journey of the climb of the mountain, we would be able to see how far we’ve come and how much we have accomplished. Even if we haven’t noticed it in the busy-ness of the day to day. 

Our world is full of negative aspects. And people take pleasure in pointing out what we do wrong, often because it makes them feel better. If you only focus on how you feel and honour how you feel, then climbing the mountain becomes about improving your sense of joy. It’s not about working hard to be spiritual. It’s about allowing yourself to enjoy the exploration of who you are, what you have within you that you may or may not wish to share with other people. It’s not compulsory to share with everyone on a spiritual path. That’s why hermits were very popular for a certain period of time when everything was chaotic, withdrawing, knowing when to stop and pull back and take time to recharge energy. That’s the sum total of climbing the mountain. It’s going forward, stopping, reevaluating, and then going forward again.  


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