John the Beloved

When our values are clear so are we.

This month, I’d like to talk about value. How we value ourselves, how we value those around us, and how they value us. And particularly how that affects our sense of community, if we have one. John talks about an individual’s value not lying in their wealth but lying in the wealth of their character. And I feel that’s important, particularly at the moment when we have a cancel culture. When we have such extreme opinions, and no willingness to find common ground for us all to come together. The more we have values that are clear, the stronger we are, in our sense of self.

And if we’re strong in our sense of self, the opinions of others will be opinions, they won’t be something that we feel we have to live by. The more that we can be clear about what’s important to us, what we value, the less we’re likely to be manipulated by those around us. And the easier it is, for us to stand in our light and stand in our truth.

One of the things I see is that people have become complacent. Those that have the ability, and the drive to change things seem to have settled for where they are. Because after all, it could be worse. And that attitude of it could be worse, is a complacency that stifles everything. There are millions in our world who have nothing of value to their name but do have a value system that they live by. However, they also believe that because they have nothing to their name, they don’t have a voice – and that’s an illusion. Where do your values lie? What’s important to you? And as a phrase that a friend of mine used recently, what is the hill upon which you’ll die for that belief, for that value? Do you know? How authentically are you living?

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