John the Beloved

Looking forward not back

Are you looking forward not back? Coming to the end of the year is always a good time to stop and take stock. This year has been even harder than 2020 because o the Delta variant has shown us how much we are divided in the way that we look at things. And so it’s very easy to become depressed or concerned.

Suddenly our world is not the safe secure place we thought it was. People may not now think the way that we do. It all takes its toll.

When we focus on what’s wrong, our energy becomes depressed. It’s not just our emotions. Our energy field becomes depressed. It closes in on itself. When it closes in on itself, it’s very hard to feel inspired or uplifted. In fact, John said that when we fall into that kind of energy, we create a black bubble around ourselves. Our guides and our teachers can’t interfere with our choice. However, they can and do stand outside of our bubble directing love and light to us until we open up once again.

I’m suggesting that this month, we stop looking at what’s wrong with our world. And we begin to look at the things that we’re thankful for. The things that encourage us to get out of bed in the morning and face our day. Who are the people in your life that you love and value? What helps you to feel valued and loved? If you’ve lost a loved one, what can you celebrate about your journey together?

Why not take a moment to check your bubble this week? And if it does feel a little grey, cloudy or dark, fill it with blue light for healing and to ask for healing to support you. You might be surprised at how this can change things.


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