John the Beloved

How To Fuel The Fire

Moving from the fire of the mind to the fire of the soul is about using our emotional body wisely and well. When we are in balance emotionally then we are also aligned mentally. If we are only interested in our own success then we are in the fire of the mind. When we are happy to celebrate the success of others then we are in the fire of the Soul.   

Our personality was considered by the alchemists to be the base metal that was to be transformed into gold. When we allow ourselves to feel enthusiasm for another’s joy then we lift our frequency.   

Therefore in looking within to see what our base is, whether we celebrate for others, if we enjoy community or prefer solitude we begin to see our metal. There’s no right or wrong here. It just is. Seeing ourselves clearly without judgement is the biggest step to opening up to our Soul since the Soul does not judge. Only when we see the base metal can we know what could be made from it. 


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