John the Beloved

Fire and Aether

For the past few weeks we have been using both Fire and Aether.

We left Australia in June, just in time for the Solstice, and spent time in the UK visiting family and sites of importance for us. Some of you might have seen a few FB posts! It was a time to connect to the past and prepare for the future.

Then we moved to Andorra where we facilitated a retreat, based on the 7 Rays. What a time that was – and how wonderfully participants entered into the energy of both Fire and Aether. Fire because we inspired them to create their own little plays around the energy of the Rays. They had no warning, plot lines or resources to help them. They had never worked together in this way before. They really created plays that were both in tune with the energy and full of laughter for us all.

Aether because they called on their connection and used it to connect to the energy of each Ray and how to portray it. With a few minutes notice, they were able to connect and receive allthey needed to make it all work without competition. It was beautiful to see. This is how Spirit works when we step aside and allow it to guide – and guide it did!

We had such fun! It was almost totally open hearted and playful – the best expression of (Fire) inspiration and Aether (Spirit)!

Almost – because 2 people did not open their hearts to either Spirit or Fire. Consequently, they did not feel the joy of how this all unfolded. In life we all have choices. We can choose to inspire others and self, collaborate with Spirit from the heart and move forward together. If we make a different choice then we choose separation and harm to others and self.

We will post some of the images on the site over the next few weeks because we would all like them to be an invitation to connect to Aether and Fire, as we did.


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