John the Beloved

Expectations or Influences?

Last month we looked at expectations – our own and those of others. We also looked at Soul expectations and Soul Mastery. Beneath these expectations however lie the influences which lead to us holding expectations of ourselves and others.

When we feel less, we expect others to see us the same way. When we hold out a hand in friendship, the underlying energy influencing that is the belief that others will also hold out theirs. If that doesn’t happen we are often distressed, shocked or angry. And yet it all began within us. The other cannot know of our hidden influences and thus cannot address them with us. That is how we move in the world unless we choose to actually open our hearts and be with others

We have just spent a week with a small group of friends and it was fun and light hearted. Firstly we had no expectations of how it might be and secondly we allowed the energy to take us where it will. The conversations that organically evolved were really insightful in helping us all to understand each other better. And yet, we did not set out with an expectation of doing so. We simply allowed the energy to influence the direction of the conversation and we had fun.

The recent events in the States shows us influences of a different kind. There is still distress, shock and anger, only now there are people who died too.

Our own world usually does not have such a finite outcome – which puts it all nto perspective.

However, the solution is the same. Being open hearted to others, showing a genuine desire to get to know them rather then telling them about us, will open up places in ourselves and others and let in light that warms and nourishes. If we all did that then we would be the influencer for good – and perhaps preempt events of loss.

Are you easily influenced? Do you influence others?


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