John the Beloved

Expansion In Times of Trouble

This time we can do it differently because of social media and the internet. Although we can’t interact as we did, we can still have interaction with those important to us. There are opportunities to learn and grow in our own time. 

Many people are using social media to encourage us all to think positively and move through this well. If we simply look at how we can survive, we only look at half the equation. It’s time to look at going beyond the physical to the metaphysical. 

We have more time and space to meditate, do yoga or other physical exercises. However, what about exercising our intuition? How well are you able to journal and make sense of what is happening and why? What does your intuition tell you about what is happening and why you personally are being affected in the way you are?  


4 Responses

  1. It’s a brilliant opportunity to go within. Agree writing a journal and connecting with our intuition more so than ever during this time is terrific advice. Onto it😃

  2. I’ve taken the opportunity of these times to move to a new location. One which is much quieter and slower. I’m finding I’m sleeping, dreaming and journaling more. I’m asking to be shown a new balance between going within my new every day routines.

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