John the Beloved

Dream your life into being

Are your dreams things without substance like the foreground of the image? Are they concrete like the building in the background?
Or are they a combination of both?

We hear a lot about dreaming and how it can help us and yet do we really know how to dream or even what constitutes a dream? If you took the time last week to look at what got in your way of achieving in 2017 then take time now to look at if you actually have a dream or vision for your future. If you don’t then you will wander aimlessly through the mist, almost but not quite accessing what is there for you. If you have a goal then it is a physical outcome like the building and may appear and disappear according to how well you avoid being distracted.

What if there’s a way to simplify things so that your dream or vision becomes a practical outcome, yet more beautiful than your imagination could create?

First it’s a good idea to get rid of the mental and emotional clutter. Again, using an A4 sheet of paper, create three columns. On the left hand side list all the things you want. Everything you can think of that would be great if you had it. In the middle column, opposite each item write what you would do with it or what it would bring you. On the right hand side ask yourself if it will truly bring you joy. How will it enhance your life?

I think you’ll be surprised at the answers you see. Once you’re done, then select only the things that you now feel will truly enhance your life and joy and write them in your journal. These are your focus for 2018.
Next week we will offer some tips and tricks for you to use. We’ll also be hosting a Facebook live and I’ll share a meditation exercise to help you work with this more effectively. If you have any questions about this month’s offering please helen [at] (subject: Ready for 2018%3F) (email me) and I’ll address it on the Facebook live.


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