John the Beloved

Building For The Future

Now that we know how to ground and we’re clear about our foundation, we need to look at how we want to build for the future and building for the future is about having a vision.  

It’s more than a dream. It’s something that we want to aspire to and that we’re going to keep working towards no matter what happens.  

Why is it different to a dream? A dream is often just that. Something that we dream about or daydream about without ever applying ourselves to making it occur. But when we have a vision, then we can see steps that we can take to create the future that we want to create.  

So, if you’re going to build for the future, take a few moments, and think about, not just the bigger picture of what your future is that you’re working towards, but some of the steps that it would be good to take to begin to create the first floor that you build on the foundation.   

Because once you start to do the first floor, it’s amazing how much the vision for the future develops, becomes clear. And more and more real. 



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