John the Beloved

Being A Light

Having gained self-knowledge, we can begin to put it to great use. In accepting who we are we are able to accept others. From that point of acceptance, we can then create who and what we intend to become. The more we aspire to live from Spirit, the better we are able to inspire others. The more we are comfortable standing in our spotlight in acceptance the more we shine a light for others.  

Last month we did a Facebook live on the Getting Together page. The idea was to use a panel but Zoom crashed and then my computer froze once on the page. We all simply accepted there was nothing in the moment to do about it. In accepting that perhaps we were being guided to something else we actually opened up a discussion that we had not considered. It was perfect!  

Didn’t Forrest Gump’s mother have a saying about lemons and lemonade? Are you creating lemonade that might inspire others? 


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  1. Accepting things as they are has been something i have really struggled with and now I’m looking at the opportunities and gifts I may not have noticed when I was so focused on things turning out the way I wanted them to. I love this blog, thanks x

  2. I absolutely resonate with what you have written. From my experience, the more I am accepting who I be, the less angry, judgemental or reactive I become. It opens up opportunties for people to share themselves with me. Also, sometimes by accepting it is what it is, creative ideas can actually come in.

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