John the Beloved

Are you ready to take action in 2018?

As we step into another year, I like to take a little time to look at where my energy was in the year before. I noticed that in 2017 sometimes I felt overwhelmed with ‘so little time and so much to do’ or that my ability to focus was on holiday on occasions. However, when I looked at what was happening when things were flying I could easily see what was present then that was absent at the challenging times.
I created an exercise years ago that I still use to this day. I take an A4 sheet of paper and on the left hand side of the sheet I write what I wanted to achieve. On the right hand side I list why it didn’t happen. This isn’t about blame but about seeing where hidden mindsets can get in the way.

When I looked at the overwhelm it was always because my life was so focussed on my work and those around me that I was not taking time to relax and breathe. Our breath feeds and nurtures our soul and if we are always holding our breath then we struggle. When I looked at the lack of focus I saw the same lack of breathing. Of course there were physical things happening that took my time and attention. And yet, when I stop and breathe, my mind quiets and my emotions calm and solutions are so very easy to find.

Try breathing for a few minutes each day and observe how things change for you. Don’t just use it when you are already overloaded. Do it first thing in the morning and you will gradually see a difference. If you keep a journal you can then track this for yourself.

It’s amazing how much easier life flows when we believe we have a handle on it!


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