John the Beloved

Are you emotionally free to follow your star?

If you have a secret dream and can’t find the time, energy or money to explore it; if you want to ‘follow your star’ but it seems lost in the heavens then you are not emotionally free. You are simply holding a sparkler to light your way and groping in the dark. Emotional freedom is the compass to find and follow your star. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Just get emotional freedom – whatever that means – and problem solved. If you, like so many of us, have spent time, money and effort for just this, then you know it isn’t as easy as it seems.

What is emotional freedom? It’s about being able to open the door to hear the voice of your Soul. It’s about peace of mind and not being driven by hopes and fears. It’s about peace of heart, which comes from knowing your value and enjoying it. Finally it’s the ability to make choices which empower who you are and the life you wish to lead. Your service or purpose is then guided by stepping out in love and not fear.

So what can you do? Obviously it takes more than a few words however, I can give you an energetic push. Rather than focusing on lack, focus on love and your energy will shift.

Try these simple steps to begin moving your energy.

1. Look for something positive about yourself and write it in a journal. Be honest and kind.

2. Each day take a few moments to focus on all that is good or great in your life. Be thankful for your gifts and the gifts available to you. List them in your journal.

3. Tell someone you know how amazing they are for being part of your life. Remember that what you recognise in others is already within you or you wouldn’t be able to recognise it.

These simple things may not suddenly make you happy. However, they will begin to help you to see the bright spots in our life and build on them.


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