John the Beloved

Are you anchored in who you be?

Do you feel centred and grounded in yourself?
Are you focussed on others and their needs?
Are you centred in your heart and your Higher Self?

If you are centred in self then you are the centre of the Universe and your focus is your wellbeing and satisfaction of your needs. Your personality is making choices to the exclusion of the wellbeing of others or their needs. Usually this is because you do not have self confidence or appreciation of yourself, your abilities and your gifts. In this case, you operate from fire and the element of will.

If you are centred in others then you are a people pleaser who believes others need to be made happy to accept you. Your personality is making choices based on others not yourself and you are almost invisible. You have little self value and are fearful of upsetting others. Here you operate from water and the element of fear

If you operate from your heart and your Higher Self, then you have both self confidence and self acceptance. This is the element of aether or Spirit. Standing in your heart chakra, you feel this energy and the peace and calmness it brings. Here you are truly being who you be. You stand in light, your natural state of being. When you breathe in and out whilst connected to the heart chakra, you connect to All That Is. This is your true self.

Try it and experience the joy of being anchored and grounded in your light all of the time!


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