John the Beloved

Aligning your Inner Wisdom

Is your Fire glowing strongly?
Do you feel your connection to Aether?
Are the two operating in tandem?

How do you know when you’re aligned within? Are you walking around surrounded in light? Can others see your halo? Do you always get things right?
When we are aligned, we feel at ease with the circumstances of our lives. Of course we are going to be frustrated at times. After all, we are human! Nevertheless, those frustrations are of the moment and not a permanent state of being.

When we are aligned we are able to see ourselves and accept that we are a work in progress. If you feel you are complete then you are in for a few surprises. That means you are no longer open to growing or moving to other levels of experience. We feel Spirit walking with us and hear the inner voice that offers caution or guidance – but never fulsome praise! We know we are not alone and that when we reach out our hand we are supported and held.

However, we can feel both of those things and not have them operate in tandem. When we struggle to get things right – or to do the right things – then we step out of alignment within and align to the outer instead. Those who truly care for us are not keeping a score on how right we are or how many mistakes we make. I have made quite a few this last few months trying to prepare for a house move, a retreat overseas and moving country. That’s a lot to carry and so mistakes are made. Those who judge that are not themselves standing aligned within and therefore their opinion does not matter. And when you judge yourself, your opinion does not matter – only your connection to all that is!

When we are aligned within we walk in light; we wear a halo and we often get things wrong. And the halo? It is not to show we are saints. It’s to show that we are connected on inner levels. That is called a state of grace. We lost a friend this week. He had suffered from a serious illness and knew he would not recover only become worse. He carried himself with dignity and humour. His wife was both gracious and practical. They were both role models to those around.

Can you say the same?


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