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It seems that quite a few of you are interested in doing discussions about John’s teachings. And because of where we are, because of the challenges we’ve been through this year, I thought I’d go back to the very first talk that John gave in 2013. And that talk was called Phoenix Rising.   

What’s interesting is that he’s talking about new beginnings coming from Acceptance.
He’s talking about rising from the ashes. He’s talking about opportunities, which is exactly where we are now. And I’d like to quote a little bit of what he says, in that message. 

You are at the beginning of a new era, and opportunity to let go of all that limits, and to claim all that empowers. For that to occur, it would be a good idea to remember that you have a loving heart, the light within your being shines with a purity, which is clearly visible to those who have eyes to see.   

These are our first steps – the quality within us that led us to walk this path and be there for others. Do you feel that within you? 


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  1. As I read the blog and John’s quote I could feel my heart opening and the pure energy in it. That energy is always there. I’m going to photograph the quote and print it out to be more aware. Thank you ❤️

  2. Yes. And only three weeks ago I stood on the furthest point of the Balmoral peninsula and released the pain and sadness of the greatest loss of my life and stood in loving Acceptance that all is perfect in Time and Space. I felt the dross burn off me as I flew like the Phoenix towards the new life I am here to embrace. So yes yes yes to Acceptance of All That Is.

  3. Simple answer is yes.
    It’s a physical feeling of warmth in the centre of my chest alongside a fuzzy electrifying buzz vibration in the same area, a realisation that I am holding my breath, and then a dropping of my shoulders relaxing into it.

    Taking a few deeper breaths, centering and re-reading the message. I breath with the words. Feel relaxed, calm, and warm, within and without. At one with myself and at one with my surroundings.

    Smiling graciously at the enjoyment of it all, and in the knowing of just who I really am.

    Human personality, purity of heart and beyond.

    I am not here to teach you.
    I am here to love you.
    Love is the teacher…..

  4. Yes! Now more than ever…

    If “location, location, location” is the credo of real estate development, I would assert “acceptance, acceptance, acceptance” is the credo for spiritual development!

    And acceptance has never been more essential than now…simply for the reason that genuine, whole-hearted acceptance requires each of us as individuals to step out of illusion, delusion, paradigm, perception, projection, protection, and belief.

    Imagine where our world would be right now if more folks were grounded in “the reality,” rather than the many alternate realities swirling all around us?

    My mantra each day…

    “Whole-hearted acceptance of all there is; whole-hearted acceptance of what is; whole-hearted acceptance of who they are and where they are…and where they are with who they are.”

    But, here is the kicker…

    Whole-hearted acceptance of who they are and where they are – and where they are with who they are – without manipulation, expectation, judgment, jealousy or control; without saving, rescuing, fixing, coaching, or converting; without agenda or intention; without teaching or telling, preaching or pushing, wishing or wanting…them to be any other than who they are and where they are.

    That pretty much keeps me awake and aware; and grounding, consolidating and integrating acceptance…every day!

    Kelly Grace Smith

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