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3 Ways to develop Inner Peace

3 Ways to develop Inner Peace

finding inner peaceThis month, we’re talking about three ways to develop inner peace. With so much happening in the world, the Russia – Ukraine conflict, the pandemic and the fact that it’s changing once again, financial systems, global supply chains, there are a lot of things that creating a tension that we may not even be aware, we’re suffering.

So how do we find that inner balance that helps us to stand in the middle of the storm, and not be blown around by it? First thing is to declutter your mind. If you find you’ve got so many things happening in your head, so many thoughts, some of them conflicting, spend time each day (doesn’t matter when) making a list of the things that you are thinking about or are concerned about. Don’t do anything with it. Just make a list, get it out of your system. As you start to do that, you’ll find that the things that you’re thinking about become less, because you’re becoming more focused.

The second thing is to make peace with your decisions. If you make a decision, be clear about why that decision is being made. If you make a decision, and then you start to argue with yourself about it, then you’re not at peace with the decision itself. And so it’s a good idea to look at why you made that decision. What was the overriding outcome you were seeking? And is it in fact the outcome that’s the most important now. So make peace with your decisions. Take away the judgement. Don’t blame, complain; look, evaluate, and either recommit to that decision or change it.

And finally, the third way is to meditate or visualise. Not everyone finds it easy to meditate. And often that can be a source of a lack of inner peace because of the struggle involved in trying to get something to happen. So I would suggest that you begin, if you’re new to meditation, that you begin instead with visualisation. You sit and you spend some time, visualising something that you want to be part of your life. And I’m not talking about winning Lotto. I’m talking about something that’s practical that’s grounded and that you believe is achievable. It may not be instant. It may be something five years hence, but it’s something you believe is achievable. Sit and visualise it for two or three minutes each day. And when you go to bed at night, if that’s where you put your focus, you will sleep more easily.

Gradually over a period of time, you’ll find you’re much more settled within yourself. And that settled feeling is an indication of inner peace.


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