John the Beloved

Working with Air and Fire

If you joined us for the Facebook live last week then you will already have some idea of the elements and how important they are. Is this just interesting information or can we use this to grow and work more effectively?

First of all it’s important to know that the elements relate to the seasons. Air is spring. We all know when spring is here because the air is softer and more gentle. Life is opening up and the plants begin shooting up. There is fresh energy and we feel as if we too have wakened up from winter’s sleep. We have ideas, thoughts that seem to spring literally out of thin air. Ever wondered where that saying came from?

Fire is Autumn. We only have to look at the blaze of colour around us as the leaves fall. Why is it Autumn? Because at this point life has been experienced and thus we have gained wisdom. That wisdom becomes the fuel for our inner growth in winter. Both Air and Fire are considered masculine – or action – energies.

Working with Air is about being curious about who we are and where we are going. It is also about being willing to hear the ideas and thoughts of others., including our Soul. When we meditate or pray we open ourselves up to the Divine and to guidance of a much higher order. It means that we can become very clear about what we want to achieve or where we are going. When we listen our lives become so much more.

Working with Fire is about opening ourselves to the wisdom we have gathered from past experience and using it to motivate ourselves and our journey. It is also about going beyond self. When we truly work with fire we are using this energy to motivate and inspire others in whatever field we operate. We have learned much about ourselves and are realizing that without community outcomes to change our world will be much more difficult to achieve. We need each other – and the fire can worm us all.

Which are you working with? Drop me a line and let me know.

Next week we will talk about Water and Earth.


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