John the Beloved

When kindness is the only option

Kindness is an old fashioned word and yet it offers so much to our world. When we listen to our intuition we are always kind. When we listen to our logic we are always self centred.

Intuition tells us that the simple act of sharing a smile or a few words with a stranger can mean the difference between being connected or more isolated. However, when we work with our logic, then we will tell ourselves what we should do – and usually talking to strangers comes under the heading of “asking for trouble”.

This is where our influences really come to the fore. They will show us if we have been influenced by another’s fear or love. Those who have the strongest influence are usually those who cared for us or taught us in our early years.

My father taught me not to fear others, to look for common ground, whilst not being reckless. He gave me a foundation that persists to this day.

Do you act intuitively or from logic? How naturally kind are you?


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