John the Beloved

When does the bullying stop?

I have found 2018 to be an interesting energy to date. We seem to be hearing more and more about bullying and harassment – and less and less about what could be constructed from it. Of course bullying is unacceptable and serves no-one. And yet often this is part of a cycle. The abused becomes the abuser. Standing for a better way surely achieves more than punishment if only because not everyone who is guilty will be found out. Change is more beneficial in the long run since it brings vindication to those who are left feeling so much less. Let the law deal with the legal aspect and rather than claiming the moral high ground, which only fuels the flame, ask yourself what change you could make to your life that might change the energy for all. For example, if you MAKE yourself do something because you SHOULD, if you play small for fear of another’s reaction, then you are bullying yourself. You are making yourself a victim of you. Spiritually that means you will attract people to you who will also try to make you a victim in one way or another. It’s all about frequency, after all. When you look at how you can embrace the changes which will empower you, when you refuse to allow your resistance to being more make you less, then you have contributed to mass consciousness by adding your light and not your shadow. The image for this post is relevant to me because at this point the flower is on the edge of being more or of withering and dying. It is full of opportunity and anticipation. Will it open and show its beauty to the world? Or will it allow itself to wither in the coldness of feeling alone and unloved? Which works for you?